We Stand Togather

Chairman's Message

The Hindu Temple and Cultural Center and its congregation follow the foundational principles of Sanatana dharma, an “eternal” and absolute set of duties or religiously ordained practices incumbent upon all Hindus, regardless of race, class, caste, or sect. These principles also come with virtues such as honesty, refraining from injuring living beings, purity, goodwill, mercy, patience, forbearance, self-restraint, and generosity.
This last week we have seen nation united in righteous protests to ensure that people of color get same dignity and opportunity afforded to the rest in America. The Hindu Temple and Cultural Center stands in solidarity with our fellow citizens, who are demanding for reform of our justice system so that the law is fairly applied and enforced. We stand against racism and discrimination. We condemn police brutality while expressing gratitude to the hardworking and caring police officials who believe in protecting the community. We know they protect us at home and at our temple.
The Hindu Temple and Cultural Center supports the peaceful protests, as practiced, and promoted by Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr. We do not condone violence, arson, and looting. We are committed to universal (Dharmic) values such as vasudhaiva kutumbakam (the entire world is one family) and ahimsa (non-violence) and celebrate diversity. We firmly believe that all people are created equal.

We will perform Shanti Pooja at the temple to pray for peace and harmony among all.

Office of the Chairman,
HTCC Board of Trustees.