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Call or email temple office for all "At Home" or "In Temple" or "Individual Pooja" Services".

Significant poojas in Jan 2021

  • Daily 6:00 AM Dhanurmasa/Margazhi Thiruppavai Recitals
    Note: December 16th through Jan 13th
  • Jan 1st Friday New Year Day
  • Jan 2nd Saturday
    • Venkateswara Abhishekam
    • Ganesh Abhishekam
    • Srninivasa Kalyanam
  • Jan 5th Tuesday Hanuman Chalisa
  • Jan 7th Thursday Shridi Sai Baba Puja
  • Jan 8th Friday MahaLakshmi Abhishekam
  • Jan 9th Saturday
    • Venkateswara Abhishekam
    • Ayappa Abhishekam
  • Jan 10th Sunday Rudrabhishekam
  • Jan 12th Tuesday Hanuman Jayanti
  • Jan 13th Wednesday Goda Kalyanam & Bhogi
  • Jan 14th Thursday Makara Sankranti
  • Jan 15th Friday Sri Guru Peyarchi Puja
  • Jan 16th Saturday
    • Venkateswara Abhishekam
    • Hanuman Abhishekam
  • Jan 22nd Friday
    • Mahalakshmi Abhishekam
    • Subrahmanya Abhishekam
  • Jan 23rd Saturday
    • Venkateswara Abhishekam
    • Lakshmi Narashima Abhishekam
    • Navagrahas Abhishekam
  • Jan 24th Sunday
    • Sri Krishna Puja
    • HTCC Annual Volunteer Appreciation Day
  • Jan 25th Monday Rudrabhishekam
  • Jan 27th Wednesday
    • Satyanarayana Puja
    • Sri Rama Puja
  • Jan 28th Thursday Subrahmanya Abhishekam
  • Jan 30th Saturday Ganapathi Homam

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