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HTCC is looking for a Hindu 'Priest' and 'Archaka' positions. If you are interested, Please apply in the following link

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Job posting for a Hindu Priest

HTCC is looking for a Hindu 'Priest' post with the following requirements. Interested candidates - should submit with all the pertinent documents by email (preferred) or regular (air) mail. The email id address is: Postal mailing address: Hindu Temple and Cultural Center, 3818, 212th St SE, Bothell, WA 98021, USA.

Role:Hindu Priest with following qualifications, and having cultural background/knowledge of - North Indian regions.

  1. 3+ years of experience* working in a temple after attending a religious based school, in Hindi and or Sanskrit language,and fluent in Hindi, English in addition to having knowledge of Sanskrit. Having knowledge of north Indian languages(other than Hindi ) and south Indian languages is a plus.
  2. Ability to correspond in English and E-mail handling is essential.

Note:*experience in India, USA or another country, after completing the educational aspects.

Requirements and terms in general:
  1. Smaartha, Vaishnava or Shaivite Agama Shastra/disciple with ability to perform regular - poojas without any inhibitions (of performing cross-Saampradayaa activities). Ability to perform Shraddha and cremation ceremonies is essential.
  2. Familiar in conducting abhishek, havan, special ceremonies like marriage, naming ceremony, mundan ceremony, karma kand like Shraddha and funeral services. Also specialize in administering religious services and poojas like daily/nitya pooja, Satyanarayana vratha pooja, Devi pooja, Experience in vishesha poojas - Sri Rama Navami, Sri Krishna Janmashtami, Sri Devi Navaratri poojas to name a few.
  3. Familiar with Maha Ganpathi, Navagraha, Sri Rudra, Gayathri & Vaastu Homam and different shanthi poojas like Navagraha, Bhoomi, graha and tithishanthi pooja.
  4. Skilled in singing bhajans, Vishnu Sahasaranam parayan, arathi of various deities and conducting pravachans which include Sri Hanuman Chalisa, Sri Sundarakand pravachan, read Sri Ram Charith Manas/Akhand Ramayan Paath; Devi Matha Jagran pooja/jyothi prajwalan and Devi matha chowki programs.
  5. Perform all pooja rituals and annual ceremoniesincluding moola mantras and Nava graha santhi poojas.
  6. The candidate should also specialize in deity decorations, especially Moola & Utsav Murthy(s).
  7. The post also calls for attending out of temple religious services as scheduled by HTCC.
  8. Initial employment agreement will be for 3 years (or lesser based on R1 Visa duration). The contract will be renewed annually based on satisfactory performances.)

Salary and Benefits: Will commensurate with the candidate’s qualifications and experiences + HTCC unique healthcare package added with accommodation faculties. HTCC is willing to sponsor an R1 visa for the selected candidate for self and family, if needed.

If you are interested, Please apply here

Download job descrition.