The HTCC effort was begun in the early 1980's to fulfill the need of the community for a place of worship, to celebrate festivals and other important occasions. The land purchase was completed in 1994 and the plans for Phase I were finalized by 1999. We applied in 2000 for a construction permit, which was approved in late 2001. 2002 was a momentous year for HTCC, not only because Phase I was constructed but also because of the tremendous support from the community. In Feb of 2003, we installed the deities in the Phase I building's worship room.

The Future

With the completion of Phase I and with the deities installed, planning for Phase II - the main temple, is in progress. When the plans are finalized, costs estimated, we'll present the plans to the community for their input.

The Organization: As per the HTCC Constitution & Bylaws and HTCC Temple Operations, the organization consists of

We encourage our members to read the HTCC Constitution & Bylaws and HTCC Temple Operations for complete details on the organization. Please e-mail us or contact the board members if you have questions or comments.

Note: Plese read HTCC Dress Code Guidelines before visiting Hindu Temple and Cultural Center.

HTCC Board Minutes

All of the HTCC Approved Board Meeting Minutes are published by the Secretary for the Board of Trustees. Click here for the Minutes of the Board Meetings.

HTCC Financial Statements

HTCC Financial Reports are available with the Treasurer of HTCC and can be obtained on request via email to: treasurer@htccwa.org.